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About Us

Welcome to Toddle In Group!

Every child and family is entitled to a happy and rewarding early years experience. Toddle In Group aims to provide an environment in which parents feel safe to leave their children and in which their children look forward to attending. Toddle In Group has been serving the community since 1995 as a playgroup and began to offer extended hours and sessions in 2003. It is Owned and Managed by Mother and Daughter, Bernadette and Kim, with Kim’s twins attending the Nursery too!  As a family run and orientated business we aim to offer your child the same security and stability as they would receive at home.

We are registered as a 58 place Group. Children will be given a keyperson who will pay particular attention to your needs as a family, trying to ensure that life at nursery resembles life at home. We respect parents as the first educators of their young children. The aim of the Group is to support your essential work not to supplant it.

We balance educational experiences and fun, with careful planning and monitoring. Your child’s key-person will extend and develop your child’s learning and play and you will have a wonderful learning journey folder to take with you when your child leaves for school. We pride ourselves on our community atmosphere, and aim to include our families as much as we can.

Our staff are trained to provide the highest quality care for your child. We offer trained and experienced carer’s with a variety of additional and specialist training. Through a carefully planned induction programme, we the proprietors are able to ensure that all staff are aware of, and work towards the high standards and ethos of the Group. We have very high staff retention, with our Manager having been with us for 14 years now! We keep our team fresh and up to date with training, and research, and support those trying to get into the field as students.

The Group is open 49 weeks a year and offers flexible attendance schedules. The day runs between 8am and 6pm, five days a week. Throughout the day the children are offered a variety of learning and play experiences, both planned and spontaneous. Within a safe and stimulating environment children are encouraged to choose their activities during free play, thus developing their independence and self-esteem.

We love what we do, and we’re sure it shows! We look forward to working in partnership with you in the future!

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